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How can I calibrate a USB plug and play touchscreen on Android 7.1?

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Hi, so long story short I have bought a HID compliant 6.5" touch digitizer for a car PC project where the cavity where it'll fit into is only 5.8" this touch screen was the closest size that I could find for a reasonable price. With this, the problem is that the left side of the digitizer will be hidden out of view behind the car's facia off screen while the rest will be on the car's LCD display. I want to be able to calibrate this digitizer accordingly so that the touches align with what's on the LCD screen. I've worked out how to make this happen on Windows so if there's no way on Android, I'll just run the car PC on Windows but Android would be preferable as there's better apps in general for OBDII, GPS navigation etc. so I thought that I'd check.



Jul 14, 2011
Long answer short... it's complicated. So, here goes the long answer. Off the bat, there is no way to make this happen (even get the Android device receive input from the screen once connected, and only get image if the phone/tablet supports MHL). Unlike Windows, Android doesn't do 'generic' drivers for displays/touch input, so connecting this to an Android device wouldn't do anything since the device probably wouldn't even recognize you connected a display. However, if the manufacturer has created an Android app to go with the screen, then that's a different story (you'd have to run said app and configure things there). But there is no 'generic app' that would allow this; it would have to be provided by the screen's manufacturer.