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How can I change my pin on my Moto G?


New member
Jan 1, 2013
Android Device Manager Won't Change PIN on Moto G

My 12-yr old son set up a pin on his Moto G (original) phone for the first time yesterday. Yay, security conscious! Unfortunately he didn't write it down and has forgotten it today. Lesson learned the hard way.

We have been googling around for solutions and came upon the Android Device Manager website. It looked for his phone right away because his computer is signed into his gmail account. Finds his phone and brings up that little window with the 3 buttons showing: ring, lock, erase. We put in a new password and confirm it, and a little blue bar shows up under the window with the 3 buttons that says "we successfully sent a lock request to your device." The blue bar quickly changes and says "Since Google verified that a screen lock is already set, the password you entered won't be needed." We still tried the new password and it didn't work.

WTH? Even googles website says this is the way to reset a forgotton pin. Arrrrgh. Any other ideas, or do we have to remotely erase it and reload everything on the phone? Thanks!