How can I change the app order in s10e applications screen?

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I have a newly purchased s10e and am trying to figure out how I can alter the apparently random order that apps appear in the app list.

I have some apps that (after turning on the phone) appear if I simply swipe right -- apps, widgets, etc. Those I can change.

But if I turn on the phone and swipe UP I get to an application only set of screens that I have to swipe through 9 times to get to applications I've recently installed. What's frustrating is that each page has a random amount of apps on it: some 3x4 = 12, others 5, others 4x5 = 20. I've tried long-pressing to access a menu, and I can see that I can "Custom" or "Alphabetically" sort, but what I want is to put apps I frequently use at the front and all the bloatware at the back.

What are my options? Yes, I know I can long-press on the app and move it to the first section I mentioned, the "phone on, swipe right" but I don't want them there. Feel like this has to be doable somehow but I'm at a loss for how to do it.

Thank you in advance!

Kizzy Catwoman

Feb 2, 2017
It sounds like stock One UI. You can move the apps into folders by pressing and holding on an icon hard and then moving it to where you want it. I do not know of an automatic alphabetical sorting. You could install a new launcher like Hyperion or nova and then your apps will be arranged alphabetically for you.