How can i configure my phone's software as I'm stuck in the blue error update download?

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I bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-930FD) recently, and it's saying that the phone's software is from UAE (United Arab Emirates), as of it i tried yesterday to make an update from 7.0 to 8.0 as Smart Switch reccommended, I'm currently in US and when the download and install of the update reached 98% it failed. Now, the phone is stuck at blue screen error please use emergency recover and that is failing too, basically it's left without a software cuz it's stuck in the transition mode.

Can anyone please tell me how can i get the phone back to the standard software of it or just make it work.. How to configure it's software or make the update work

It's a UAE configured software, and if there is a chance that i can change that how can I do it..

Please Help!!

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