How can I extract photos off a broken Droid Turbo?


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how to extract photos off broken droid turbo

my phone was run over by a car. i brought it to a cell phone repair shop to try and extract the photos from the vacation we where on. i buy a new screen get it installed and the guy tells me my motherboard has crashed and phone wont turn on im wondering how i can get the photos off. its a droid turbo once it fails to start up the screen remains off but it vibrated every 30sec.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Re: how to extract photos off broken droid turbo

Welcome to Android Central! Unfortunately, those photos are lost. There are probably forensic data recovery specialists who could recover some of that data, but it would probably cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

You can now backup an unlimited number of your photos to Google+ Photos using the Auto Backup feature (as long as you limit the photo size to the equivalent of 16 megapixels or less), so in the future, turn that feature on, and you'll prevent mishaps like this. Sorry!