How can I figure out if my android phone and data has been hacked or redirected?

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I'm going to shorten this a lot, but hopefully provide all the necessary details. Dating a computer nerd, who noticed a like on Tinder had the same location info as me. He messaged them because I am the only person he has ever seen with that specific location and he was curious; the conversation was slightly strange, but it IS Tinder, and not weird enough that it was an obvious bot. While talking, he checked and the WiFi address, IP address and IMEI all match the ones for my phone and connection. It all somehow links back to my phone and phone number. He believes I am behind it because of this evidence, but I am not. How can I find out what is happening? The profile was deleted, so he doesn't have much more information to go with, and so I also cannot provide it. I have tried to search for info on how to check if someone has accessed/is accessing my phone, but mainly it's common sense "how to know if you're phone is hacked" stuff like slow processing, battery depleting too fast, etc. If someone could help I would really appreciate it, since I know that this data info can be used with more malicious intentions.

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