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How Can I Fix My LG G Stylo after Water Incident?


AC Question

So just this past week I went Kayaking with my mom and I took my phone zipped in a pocket in my swim shorts inside of a plastic Ziploc bag. I thought it would be OK. The waters were choppy and my bottoms were soaked when i got out I noticed my phone was acting up and got wet. I took the back off and removed the battery and sim card. I left the phone open to dry in the car on the dashboard, (it was really sunny that day)
Then when I got back to the resort we were staying I placed the phone in a bag of rice. I have turned it on and off a few times in between. It is going on 3 days since it happened. And this morning I took the phone out and turned it on. The screen still had bubbles, but the sound, touchscreen, apps, camera, wifi worked perfectly. But when I went to charge it to test if that would still work, it was OK for a minute then it shut down. So I unplugged it and tried to turn it on again it loaded up but it kept crashing so then, while the back was off, tried to shake it up a little and the battery flew out. I have tried to turn it back on severaline times only twice getting the LG page and the Virgin Mobile Screen to come up but both times it just shuts down and goes black. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks. I really don't want to purchase another phone


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Mar 22, 2011
Welcome to Android Central. Once water gets inside contacts can short out and that usually fries something, either the motherboard or the screen. Once that happens drying it out won't help. Sorry, I think you either need to get the phone repaired or replaced.

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