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How can I get download the expired picture messages

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On my Android I got expired picture messages I'm trying to retrieve them


Q&A Team
Jul 7, 2013
Ask the person that sent it to re-send it. It sounds like the mobile network will only 'hold' or cache the message/image for so long.

How can you avoid this in the future? Ask for people to send you links to pictures uploaded to cloud storage, this also avoids compression to fit into the size restriction for MMS messages.

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AC Moderator
Feb 6, 2017
Which device and message app ?
I agree you would need them sent again.

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! Also, if you see the "Tap to download" message, that usually means that someone sent you an MMS message (which could be a picture message, but could also be a group text), but your mobile data wasn't turned on (or had poor reception). Remember, for MMS to work, your mobile data has to be turned on.