How can I get into my HTC One without a pin?

Jul 2, 2015
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htc one problem

i've forgotten my htc one pin , i changed my pin this morning and left my phone in the house while i went shopping , i was away 5 hours or so and when i came home id completely forgotten the pin when i put it in wrong 5 times it just stops me for 30 seconds there is no where to click to say i've forgotten my pin , i have valuable pictures of my grandparents on my phone which i really cannot lose , ive tried backing it up onto my laptop and it says on my phone 'unlock phone to browse media files' and on my laptop it says 'no new media files found' i'm getting really flustered as i really do not want to reset my phone. My phone always says it's backing up my media but i don't think it is , so is there a way around this or does anyone think my media won't all be gone? thanks.