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How can I get my PC to recognize my phone?


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PC does not recognize phone

My husband and I both did factory resets on our galaxy s5 because of spyware. Prior to the reset our USBs both worked on the computer to move files. After the factory reset our phones only charge through the USB on the computer, but the computer does not recognize it as a device to move files around. We do not get the prompt on our phones to say use as media device, camera, etc. The driver on our computer is updated and obviously worked before the phones were reset.

I tried developer mode and turning on USB debugging and restarting the phone and computer nothing worked. Any other ideas?


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Mar 22, 2015
Re: PC does not recognize phone

Ok I think I figured this out or one possible reason. It worked for me.

The problem is the device name change on your phone in About has change from the last time it was plugged into your computer. I had been playing around and the name had changed from "My Name" (SGH-M919) to "My Name" (SGH-M91.

How I got my computer to recognize my phone over the USB cable and so I could figure out the above name change problem.
On my phone under USB computer connection I changed from Media Device (MTP) to Camera (PTP). (note this may not be necessary). I then restarted (rebooted) my phone while still plugged in with the USB to the computer. Computer is on. As the phone booted up the computer started to install device. In the Device Manager it correctly installed Samsung Mobile USB Composite Device under Universal Serial Bus controllers and under Other Devices it had Samsung_Android with a yellow triangle !. On my phone I changed Camera (PTP) to Media Device (MTP) and my computer installed the correct MTP device driver. Phone can now be seen under Portable Devices in Device Manager and in windows Explorer.

No you probably do not have to do the camera/media device switch. If you change your phones name you and want to connect it to a computer you prior had connected the phone to you can do the reboot the phone while connected to the computer USB trick.

Just to double check my solution. I went back and change my devices name "My Name" (SGH-M919) and connected it back to my computer and the computer recognized it immediately.

I am sure this will make many people happy and keep their hair in their heads though I have lost mine. :)