How can I get my phone efficient again post the TERRIBLE Lollipop OS upgrade?


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Dec 15, 2014
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How can I get my phone efficient again post the TERRIBLE Lollipop OS upgrade

I wish I had read reviews before upgrading my Nexus5 to Lollipop - I just trusted Android to be better ... I have been facing a plethora of issues since the upgrade ..

ps. this is in spite of updating all apps, and removing caches, etc ..

1. The phone is visibly and significantly slower - swipes, calls, opening apps : there is a delay in almost everything! Its like I'm using an $80 phone than a Nexus5

2. I upgraded my apps - but still they all seem so buggy! Things that have happened since range from screen flickering, to keypad disappearing, to simply crashing .. and everytime i have to restart my phone n pray it works fine.

3. The photos instead of gallery is like stepping from a very friendly and organised system to a toddlers room decorated by an easter bunny who has had way too much chocolate - its literally like throwing all your photos in a haphazard manner. Every tiniest of editing on a photo creates a copy of it .. what a waste!

4. Thanks for forcing me to have all my emails in a single app .. Of course you would focus on this than work to have push emails where i dont have to refresh my mailbox to know if i have had a mail or not.

5. How is having to tap a recent call log and then looking at options and tapping again to call them back better than the previous single-tap calling back option? Arent updates supposed to make things simpler?

6. I cant swipe archive my text messages now. Yeay! More click-long click-select-click and wasted energies.

7. Locked screen does not display controls while i have music on. Neither does the locked screen show any notification of messages. I have to keep going back to unlock my phone to know if I have any messages (not mails, because I have to refresh my inbox to get them, remember) if i have been away from my phone. If I want even the notification icon showing, I have to have my messenger under 'not sensitive' which means it can be totally accessed - notifications and opening the chats and all .. It's black or white, Lollipop apparently doesn't like greys...

I have used this OS for almost a month now .. waiting and hoping I would get used to it and maybe it's just a change resistance. But it's clearly more than that.

I really don't want to lose my data, so reverting to Kitkat isnt a good option for me. Can ANYONE help with how to handle some, if not all, of these issues?!

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Mar 9, 2012
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Re: How can I get my phone efficient again post the TERRIBLE Lollipop OS upgrade

Welcome to Android Central! 5.0 has actually been working very well on my Nexus 5, but I have heard of others with issues, which is why 5.0.1 is about ready to roll out. Hopefully that will fix some of the performance issues you're seeing. In the meantime, have you tried wiping the system cache partition? This won't erase any personal data, although be aware that the process can take 5-10 minutes on a Nexus 5:

You can see your local photos in a much more organized manner in the Photos app if you swipe in from the left, then select On Device. If you want to see your cloud photo albums, tap Albums.

I guess I don't see the call log issue being a major hassle. It gives an additional feature of seeing the details of the call. Updates often add features, which isn't necessarily making it simpler. One could say that making something simpler takes away features.

Music controls show up as long as you allow notifications in the lockscreen. If you make your Messaging "not sensitive," someone could see who sent you a message and the first few words, but they wouldn't be able to access the whole thing, assuming you have a screenlock set. You'd have to enter your password or PIN or pattern in order to unlock the phone and see the whole message.