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How can I get my tablet to turn on and top rebooting?


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My Tablet Will Not Turn On. It Keep Rebooting And Flashing Samsung And It Will Not Work.

I have had this tablet since August 2014. It had a charging problem in December and I got it fixed.Now( in March), it wont turn on. i restart it to see if it will work and it loads until it says samsung and it wont turn on. Its charging just fine but it wont turn on. I NEED HELP OR MY GRANDFATHER WILL KILL ME IF ITS BROKEN AGAIN.I do not want to erase the memory because not all the stuff is saved to my sd card. Is there anyway that it can be fixed at home without wiping the memory?


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Feb 12, 2012
Re: My Tablet Will Not Turn On. It Keep Rebooting And Flashing Samsung And It Will Not Work.

There no way it can be fixed anywhere in the real universe that I'm aware of without wiping the data. You have to reflash the ROM (and hope it's a firmware problem, not a bad motherboard) and that gives you a new, out-of-the-box tablet. No music, no pictures, no downloaded apps.

Any file that's important enough that it bothers you to have lost it should have been backed up at least to a cloud account or two. (There are enough free ones that you can back the entire phone up 5 times for free without trying hard.) And if you use Dropbox and Mega, or Google Drive and Mega, half the world can disappear and you still have a working backup (unless the west coast of the US and New Zealand are both in the part that disappears, in which case we'll have bigger problems - like breathing). Never fail to back up important files. One car driving over your device, phone, tablet or laptop, and there's no data to recover. Insurance can replace the device - no amount of money (and I'm talking Bill Gates' kind of money) can restore data that's been scattered to the universe. One backup and you don't worry about that picture being lost. Two and it's virtually impossible for it to be lost. Drive, Dropbox, Mega, and about a dozen others are free.