How can I get my ZTE Blade Q Maxi (VIPNET) working after I rooted it?


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Jul 17, 2015
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ZTE Blade Q Maxi (VIPNET)


I have one problem.
How to put up a system on the android
I have ZTE Q Maxi (Vipnet), which after a root-and no longer works.
It can not be taught in a hidden menu, as if the camera is completely empty, the charger or the USB cable when you connect to the computer only bright red LEDs.
Now, since I can not get into recovery mode if there is any way the OS boot via USB cable as my sd card is not recognized (can not boot from it), except for the service as they seek cost appliance repair.
When connected to a computer all the time asking for some drivers (MT65xx Preloader) and svskih ten seconds to connect and disconnect.
I took it and install "SPflashtool backup for ZTE Blade Q Maxi (Orange Reyo) / made byvaserbanix" but nothing happens.
If someone has the time and inclination I would ask him to clarify it well, because several week surfing the net and I have not managed to make ZTE is still dead.
I did not kill my son, but what is after root-and puts other software on it and everything went ok except when it restarts (dead).
I just need to frisk programs in steps to revive it via USB to the computer because it is not set to boot from the SD card to the ZTE-in and I'm not the best at it.
If someone has the time and know what to do I would ask you to explain.


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