How can I get rid of "swipe to unlock" on my Samsung S7?


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It is impossible to get to sites and apps or phone because of this swipe to unlock, and I don't know where it came from.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Are you unable to do a simple swipe up to unlock the phone? Or are you talking about a pattern unlock?


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Jul 16, 2010
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Re: How can I get rid of "swipe to unlock" on my Samsung S7?

You can get rid of it - Settings - Lock Screen and Security - Screen lock Type


Select None. Now when you hit the home button or the power button, your screen will just come on. I would not suggest it because obviously it's not secure, and if you carry it in your pocket you will inevitably turn on the screen and do who knows what. To alleviate that, if you indeed go this route, I would suggest going into your Display and Wallpaper Settings and turning on the "Keep screen turned off" setting, which should help in keeping the screen from accidentally coming on.
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