How can I get the front camera to work once again, on Moto G2 running Android 5.0.2?


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How to get front camera to work once again, on moto g2 running android 5.0.2

Updated to latest skype a few days ago. Used skype this weekend and skype crashed once or twice. Soon afterwards, every time I turned on the video feature, only the rear camera comes on. The usual "switch camera" option does not come up. Even with the default camera that comes with the phone, the option to switch front/rear camera is now gone!

I have seen people complain about this on forums, soon after the lollipop update (6 months ago), but my front/rear cameras worked fine before I turned on skype yesterday. Since my skype call misadventure, I haven't been able to use front camera at all.

Anyone has any suggestions to get it back without resorting to factory resetting my phone?

On top of that I don't know how to even backup all my chat/SMS logs and other information from the phone. Any ideas on that?