How can I get the Google Assistant to speak on Android Wear 2.0?


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A few days ago, I could make and receive phone calls on my Michael Kors Access watch (after the 2.0 update) and my Google Assistant would talk to me direct from the watch as well. I got a new device (same model as my older one from when it did work) and reconnected everything and now most sounds from the phone don't work and I can't make or receive calls directly from/to the watch. I did test the speakers and they're fine as the watch will play music through Google Play.
It does not seem to be a Bluetooth issue as Bluetooth shows a good connection to my Pixel XL. I do have the option checked to play phone audio through the watch as well. Any ideas?


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Nov 9, 2013
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Did you find a solution to this? I have a Huawei Watch 2 and it's annoying that Google Assistant never gives voice feedback through the speaker just text only. Defeats the purpose of a handsfree implementation.