How can I get the photos off of my Galaxy Note 3?


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Galaxy Note 3 photos cant get off phone

Hi, i have around 1000+ pics on my phone, some are in Gallery app, Some are in Photos app, i link to kies, none are available, i link phone to pc, click phone/dcmi/camera/ nothing available, i select all in gal or photos, it wont let me transfer to pc, the only options are share via mail etc, i also have drive with lots of photos that i cannot get off the phone, lots of photos have the picasa symbol on them, this will not allow me to open them, please help , i have read so much and still cannot work it out how to get them off the phone to the pc
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Dec 30, 2014
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Re: Galaxy Note 3 photos cant get off phone

The "photos" app is Google backup. Every picture in photos should be in Google Cloud (photos). If you want to download to your PC; goto your Google account on PC, open photos app - all of your pictures should appear. From there you can download images to pc ( I generally create folders & then download each folder; for me it is easier to locate individual pictures stored on the PC). If you delete pictures in Photos app, Google will save them for 60 days, can be pulled back from "trash"

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