How can I go back to 4.2 Android from 4.3 after updating the phone?


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how can i go back to 4.2 android from 4.3 after updating phone

after updating my phone s3 many difficulties started


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Feb 17, 2015
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Re: how can i go back to 4.2 android from 4.3 after updating phone

You cannot officially downgrade. You will have to flash a system image for 4.2 which will wipe all data

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Dec 6, 2011
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Re: how can i go back to 4.2 android from 4.3 after updating phone

Unfortunately the only way to go back after an OS update is to root your device. However there may be another way to solve your problems. With older versions of Android it was not unusual to have to do a factory reset to clear up bugs/glitches that occur with the overlay of an OS. What happens is the update replaces your OS image but overlays the updates to your current OS that is running. This is supposed to prevent the user from having to completely wipe the device and start over, but there are sometimes problems with the overlay. These problems popup in random places and can very from user to user. Some time they will occur in the same area for multiple users but not always. By factory resetting the device you are installing that new OS image as a whole, and not something that was pieced together in portions and laid over exisiting aspects of the system. Installing the whole image everything works together and clicks as it should without any gaps, missed, or misplaced data.

The short answer is to try and factory reset your device first. There are several backup programs at the PS and guides to the best way to backup your specific device online and on YouTube. If you wanted to root the device to go back you are going to lose everything once anyway, so you might as well try the easiest first with just doing a plain old Factory Reset frist.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: how can i go back to 4.2 android from 4.3 after updating phone

Actually it depends on the phone and the carrier. With some phones you just flash the older ROM. With some you can't back down past a full version - like 5 to 4 - but going from 4.3 to 4.2 may be possible. (Rooting has nothing to do with it. Rooting the ROM in the phone, then replacing it with another ROM, is like washing your hands before they get dirty - it doesn't accomplish anything but a waste of effort. [It's not the phone that gets rooted, it's the ROM.])

Si what Fedginator said may or may not be possible (and the way to do it if it is possible), depending on your phone and carrier.

What you could try first, though, is booting into recovery and wiping the system cache. You won't lose any data. If the problems still don't stop, you can go back to recovery and do a factory reset. If that doesn't work, you'll have to reflash 4.2.

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