How can I hook my Samsung Pro 10.1 to my television?


Jun 27, 2013
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Samsung Pro 10.1 to television

Hi all

I'm not the most technical person in the world so bare with me (took me a while to figure how to post this lol).

Not sure if it makes any difference but im from the UK. Basically I have downloaded show box and have now downloaded some films and wanted to know how I can get them from the tablet onto the tele? I'm happy to buy some cables.

I have recently bought a new Samsung Smart TV can it be done via bluetooth? The TV I bought is the "Samsung 48H6200 48 Inch Full HD Freeview HD 3D Smart LED TV"

Also if anyone knows how to use show box I wondered if they could help, ive downloaded some programs but it saves onto the device which isnt ideal but I cant figure out how to get them onto the SD card.

many thanks in advance of any help