How can I keep information private on my Moto G?


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Keep information private, Moto G

Hi Folks,
New to Android and Android central. Bought first smart phone, original Moto G a year ago. Wife and I don't use it for much.... make calls, use lookup to find vendors, and use voice search and mapping... especially like the real time traffic. Use to read emails, send a few texts. I have installed big buttons and big keyboard which makes keyboard much more usable, is basically a "must have". Now the bad news: Google's constant invasion of our privacy, inundation with ads, and just don't like anyone tracking whate we do. We are tempted to go to the "dark side" apple 6 to get away from the tracking. It appears at least in the public releases that Apple respects our privacy. After a brief look at Iphone, it appears that we cannot get any form of large keyboard (apple knows best, one size fits all), and it is too damn small.

So here goes: is it possible to protect my information and data on android platform to a level of Iphone/IOS, and how do I do it? Thanks in Advance.


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Re: How can I secure and make private from Goog my Moto G?... almost as good as Iphone?

There are options within the phone's settings which will allow you to disable tracking and using network to detect your location. However, you won't be able to keep private everything you do if you want to continue using Google's services (that goes for any services, really). As you know, Apple does collect the same information, and you would hope it's kept private, but the truth is that we really don't know.

Consider using alternative services such as Amazon's app store to download apps and other services if you don't want to use Google's services.


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Re: Keep information private, Moto G

You're kidding yourself if you believe Apple and iOS Apps don't do the same kind of tracking. The real difference is Google and Android are more up front about this stuff. Apple tries to hide it by simply not telling you. So iDevice users think less is going on. A shady attitude at best.

For instance, when installing apps, Apple's App Store doesn't tell you what permissions to access and/or track your information an app will use. Apple expects you to blindly accept it and install in total ignorance of what that app might actually do. But the Google Play store warns you with information about what the app will have permission to see and do before installing.

It's not hard to stay private. You actually have *more* control over your privacy and information with Google and Android than you do with Apple and iOS. You just have to pay some attention to settings and use common sense.

Go to Google Dashboard:

You can control all your Google açcount settings from there. You can opt out of ads, search history, location tracking, edit your profile information and privacy settings - you don't have to allow Google to keep information about much of anything. You just have to take a little time to go through the options and set things to your liking.

When choosing and installing apps, pay attention to the permissions the Apps requests. You are in control.

Use a browser - Firefox is my favorite - that has a 'Do not track' option, other privacy settings and has or can add an ad-blocker plugin and other privacy/security features.

You don't have to use your Google (Gmail) account for much of anything, but it will really simplify things if you get a Google account just to register the phone during initial setup and for access to the Play store. You can choose not to sync stuff like contacts and calendars to your Google account. However, I *highly* recommend that you do.

Anyway, point is Google and Android gives more, not less, respect to your privacy by giving you more information and more control than Apple. Apple just wants you to blissfully accept everything and go along with the Apple Way.

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