How can I keep lock screen on (screen timeout=never) while phone stays LOCKED?


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Sep 3, 2015
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I am a classroom teacher and want to see the time on my phone while my phone stays locked. I want my lock screen to stay ON to see the time, but want my phone LOCKED, should it fall into student hands.

Seems it will only lock AFTER the screen times-out from non use. Once display is off and phone locks, I push power to wake up, get the lock screen (where it asks for password) and it ALWAYS timeouts after 3 seconds, no matter what the display timeout is set to.

I have already tried the obvious.....

Changing settings>display>screen timeout
only works when the phone is unlocked. It does not affect the screen timeout of the LOCK Screen Display, the lock screen always shuts off after 3 seconds no matter what the screen timeout is set to.

Changing Settings>Lock Screen>lock automatically
only changes the amount of time the phone stays unlocked AFTER the screen is already turned off. Once it locks, I push power to wake up, and lock screen display timeouts after 3 seconds.

I want the phone to lock after 1 minute of non use and the screen to timeout never.

anyone? anyone?? Bueller???
Samsung j7prime, not rooted