How can I limit or control purchases made by my kids via Google Play?


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recently, my three year old sat besides me playing in a toddler level app on my Samsung galaxy 5. He handed me the phone when asked for it, after few minutes of playing. I soon received three emails from Google Play with receipts for "my purchases" of over $30 in apps. Purchases apparently made by a two year old.

Is there any way, short of not exposing them to the technology, to avoid these transactions on my phone? I believe at least a password, or pin should be required before a transaction happens, Or at last some type of age verification should occur.

Is there any way to have this level of security on my phone? Is there a setting in Google Play I have missed that allows instant purchases with my Credit Card?

Hope someone can help me with this.



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Jul 7, 2013
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In the Google Play Store, tap the "hamburger menu" button in the search bar (or the capacitive menu button near the home button might work) then go to settings. Locate the "require authentication for purchases" section, tap it and select the every time option.

Google has this protection, you just need to enable it. You should have been asked how you want that option selected the first time you used the Play Store.