How can I make contacts use FB profile pics over Linkedin pics?


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How to make contacts use FB profile pics over Linkedin pics

Hi there,

I've recently purchased a S5 and it's on Android v5.0, I'm in NZ, so the phone is unlocked (not tied to any carrier).

I've read that Facebook has changed their API and this is causing some issues with using friends' profile pictures as your contact pic. However, the issue I am having is that the default contacts app, is using the contact's linkedin profile picture over the FB picture if the contact has both accounts linked on my phone. Is there a way of making it use the FB profile pics over the linkedin pics?

I have tried unlinking the contacts and linking the FB accounts first then the others as well as linking FB last and this isn't making a difference. The only way so far to make it use the FB photo is to NOT link the linkedin account.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

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