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How can I make the "screen timeout" value more than 10 minutes?


AC Question

I am constantly entering my pin. I tried about 5 apps from Play Store. The best ends up leaving the scroeen always on, and consuming the battery.

Thank you.

Ron Glov

New member
Apr 7, 2016
Dear Chris, the Android Central article was interesting.

(Play store has around 10 apps named close to AppLock. I assume you mean the one from "domobile.com" with 1 million downloads. "The most downloaded app on play store".) It seems that the important features are already part of the new Android.

Android has a max of 10 minutes to keep the screen on. I was constant ly entering my pin. The play store apps that kept the screen on used up the battery quickly. I tried about 5 of them. Finally I started swiping a pattern instead of using a pin. This is less secure, but fast enough that I can stand it.

Thanks again for your help. Any other comments?