How can I move downloaded apps from internal to USB Storage?


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Dec 1, 2014
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Internal vs USB Storage

How can I move/download Apps from Internal to USB Storage?

My email to the manufacturer: 'Back in February I purchased a 7'' Google Android 4.0 16GB MID Capacitive Touch Screen Gsensor A10 Tablet MID70416W - Dragon Touch (16GB White), which I really like a lot but I’m having an issue with storage space, I’m trying to update and add Apps to the table but I’m getting an error saying there is not enough space to add anymore Apps but this is a 16GB Internal storage and I have added a 4GB card, I’ve tried moving Apps to the SD Card but only a couple of Apps can be moved, Can you help…'

Manufacturer: 'Thanks for contacting us. We do understand your concern. Actually the 16GB is for the system and the stuff you downloaded will be saved in the limited local disk. And this tablet doesn't support to set external SD card to be default storage, so even you have a 4G card inserted, it won't help. You can download some apps in 'apk' format into your SD card then install in the tablet,then the caches will be smaller to take up less space in the local disk.Also you can transfer other files like photos or music between local disk and external disk by accessing "File Manager/my pad/explorer”. Name will be different in different models.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: Internal vs USB Storage

About the only definitive way of solving that problem (and it was done in quite a few ROMs in Gingerbread, like CM7) is mounting the SD card as the default storage location, and doing that takes familiarity with Linux.