How can I move files on a Samsung Galaxy S5 when this is happening?

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To start off, my Samsung Galaxy S5 (Android Version 6.0.1, yes, old, I know, because there is no room at all to allow for constant updating) has been having this problem where a select few apps that I’m working with will just restart.

Unfortunately, the My Files app is one of those apps. This means that I can’t move or copy files, because when I do end up clicking to move the files, the app restarts and no file movement is done at all. This is incredibly annoying as no thanks to Google Play, my phone is constantly running out of storage space and memory.

So the solution then is to plug the phone onto a PC and move the files there, right? Well guess what? My charging port is gone and I’m a bit too dry on money and resources to take it to the shop or order a replacement. I was able to get a wireless charging chip for the phone, so charging is not a problem, it’s just trying to move some files so I can get some storage space back.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! It's a tough situation when you have to use a significantly outdated device with very low specs by today's standards, because as Android and the apps that are developed for it continue to progress, it requires more and more memory and storage. It isn't just due to Google Play Services -- it's everything.

First, try wiping the cache partition: If there's some wonky system data that's contributing to the issue, this might help. Your personal data is not affected by a cache wipe.

If that doesn't help, then try uninstalling a bunch of apps to clear up a little more space. You can always reinstall them.

See my guide for more ideas: [GUIDE] Android Storage Memory and How to Deal with Insufficient Storage Warnings - Android Forums at It's old, but then again, so is your phone!;)

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I know lot people try hold on to older devices but there has to be a line drawn how far you can go with old Andriod version and hardware, even your carrier eventually going make you upgrade especially in US . A phone shod give you a good user experience and up to security to protect your Data so i would get something newer or up to date .


Feb 23, 2011
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With 2 GB of memory, you're going to be hard pressed to find much that works. I'm wondering if that limitation is the root of your file moving problem. Have you tried moving a single small file, like a jpeg image, to see if that works? If you are trying to move a large amount, I could see that causing your memory to run out and crash an app. Given that the phone is nearly 10 years old, I wouldn't rule out other hardware failures or data corruption either.

Something else you might be able to try is a cloud backup service like Drop Box. That would give you cross device access without tethering, plus it's just a good idea to have backups in general for cases like this.

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