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How can I mute my Galaxy S4 without unlocking?


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My Verizon Galaxy S4 just updated from KitKat to Lollipop. I used to be able to quickly put my phone into vibrate only or silent mode by holding the power button and tapping the appropriate screen button (it was below restart on the popup). This was really convenient when trying to unobtrusively silent the phone in a meeting. Now I have to enter my pin and then either use the volume buttons or swipe down the notification bar. This requires both hands and looking at my screen for an extended period of time (much more noticeable). Is there a way to get the mute button back onto the power shortcuts or to get the volume button to work without unlocking the screen?


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Apr 18, 2010
Not sure you can, one of the challenges with OEM overlays is when they update the OS they don't update it to their latest UI/UX so you get a mix of new and old. You gain but also lose features you wanted. If the Moto X arrives in the fall with 128GB ROM I will look to that, for now my S6 128GB has me happy.

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