How can I prevent OTA (Over-the-air) Update


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Jan 4, 2011
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Not sure how LG handles the updates, but coming from the Samsung Moment, the over the air updates will pop-up and ask you to update and warn you that you will lose all data on the phone but anything synced to google (contacts and paid apps for example) will re-sync. The annoying thing about the OTA updates with the Moment was it would ask you to update every hour if you didn't update. It still asked you when you were on a custom ROM. The thing is, with the custom recovery in place, the OTA update was unable to install, but would think it did and stop asking you to update - keeping you on the current android system you had prior to the update. So I would assume the Optimus' update will work similarly.


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Jan 13, 2011
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I hope you're kidding.

You mean everything I have installed and customized to the way I like will be destroyed?

Mail account info for my POP and IMAp accounts have to be reentered?

Yea, I understand that I can re-download and re-install my apps from the Market, but what about all the options I have set-up for each one?

Do the options for the apps get synced to Google?

I am not worried about my contacts and calendar because I sync them to my PC, but what about my desktops? I spent a considerable amount of time customizing each desktop to my liking.

Will the update destroy the contents of the SD card, too?

Is this the normal Android upgrade process?



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Mar 18, 2010
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No one knows if an update will wipe the phone. Have to wait until it comes out. I just updated my friends Samsung and nothing got wiped but the homescreens. Others not so lucky. This device is so easy to root that the best suggestion is to root and use a good backup utility. Usually can restore everything including settings.

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