How can I recover a corrupted Android OS (Not Branded Device)?

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Jul 13, 2015
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Recovering Corrupted Android OS (Not Branded Device)

Hi, I believe there are lots of existing thread similar to this topic however, in my case, I really got confuse and it makes me difficult to handle since I am not really good into this kind of situation. Primarily my device is not popular model (not branded) and I read many tutorials but it doesn't work for this device.

So I have this tablet from my friend and he says that the devices is already rooted when he got this one, so he went to the system folder/file and he change the settings on that particular file explorer without knowing what is that for but he never delete any files and after he restarted the device, it only shows the main logo and it went black. there is no display at all. However, when I tried to wipe and reset the device via recovery mode, it only says that the formatting was successfully done. But when I restart the device, the same thing happen.

Again, the main problem ( for me ) is this device is not a branded one, or let me say it is not international model like Samsung, Asus, HTC and other known devices. I've been digging into different forums but most of the time, their devices seems very familiar and known like Samsung that has supported drivers and software but this one is not really known by many. So I came here to ask some help because my friend says he didn't have any backups or anything to restore this one.

I tried to use ADB sideload ( I found some sort of tutorials ) however, signature failed. So my question is, it is possible to load a fresh Android OS on this device without clock world mode or something? I think the devices is not totally dead, since I can still access to recovery mode, so I expect that maybe this can be recoverable?

I only got some few details of this device for reference purposes but I don't really know if this works.

Device Name : Firmware Fabtab Quadro 8
OS Version : Android Kitkat 4.4.2

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