How can I recover my contacts after loosing my phone,,all my contacts I saved on ocloud

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Kindly give me the best way I can recover contacts since am now using techno w4


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Jun 10, 2014
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^ You could well be right, but it's difficult to believe that the OP would have left it uncorrected, and when I say 'difficult', I do of course mean 'very easy'.

OP: If you did in fact mean that your contacts are in iCloud, there are I believe apps that allow you to sync them to your Google account. Take a look in the Play Store. Do a search for Sync iCloud Contacts or similar.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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The OP might actually mean "ocloud": If that's the case, then your best bet is to contact owncloud's support:

If these contacts were saved to the Phone account (rather than your Google account) and you backed up them up to owncloud, but then they lost them, or if you never really backed them up to owncloud, then they're gone. This is why I always strongly recommend that users take advantage of their Google Contacts in the cloud.