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how can i respond and possibly help someone who has created a post about the rca tablet?

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first anyone looking for help from the rca company..good luck and forget it. i use to try many time and could never get a "live" agent and when i finally did this person refused to direct me to a tech that could actually help me with my problem unless i agreed to listen to his sales pitch for something (dont remember) and when i told him to just transfer me he hung up on me! and this was after months of trying just to get a live agent . before that it was all of these select that option and that option etc. etc.etc. insame!!! now my problem is i keep getting a black screen when i enter something into a search on google or after i get into google and then do further searches black screen, black screen, black screen. i bought my first tablet myself an rca and swore i would never have another but the next was a gift and an rca and i thought, "oh no!" but it was a gift and it was pink! so of course i had to keep it, right? andyway can anyone help me. and like many others i already know the deal with rca so that isnt even an option. so if anyone can help thanks in advance.


Q&A Team
Jul 7, 2013