How can I retrieve calendar entries from the folders in the phone's system (Galaxy S2)?


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My Galaxy S2 has been restored to factory settings but I managed to have all my phone data exported to an external drive. However, I didn't manage to sync my latest calendar entries to Outlook before the phone failed. How do I retrieve all my calendar entries either from the data files I exported or from the restored phone (if it's even possible) and import them to my new phone (Galaxy S4)? Can anyone help?


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Feb 12, 2012
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You probably can't, unless you used a data export app like Helium. (Then you just use its restore function.)

You can sync the database files, if you understand databases and speak SQL, using a SQL editing app. Just INSERT the data into the phone's database file FROM the backup file (which you'd rename and put on the phone's storage). (This is one of those "if you're asking, you probably can't" things.)