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How can i see my battery time since last charge on note 10 plus with android 10?

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I updated my Samsung galaxy note 10 plus to android 10. Battery is draining quicker and also with new interface i cannot see time since last charge. I can only see usage on daily basis. I want to see total time since last charge.


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Dec 6, 2011
I asked this same question in the S10 and S10+ forums. So far the answer is that you cannot.


If you would like to register an account you will be able to post comments in threads and we can have this thread moved to the N10 and N10+ forums where N10 users can chime in. This link will help you do that... https://forums.androidcentral.com/ask-question/409154-join-android-central-community-new-post.html

Maybe in the N10 forums someone will have figured out something we're missing.