How can I send text messages from a Verizon phone with T-Mobile service?


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send text message from verzion phone s4 after upgrade. I have t mobile service

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Jan 8, 2011
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Re: send text message from verzion phone with t mobile service

APN & data settings

To set the Access Point Name (APN) and turn on data settings, follow these steps:

APN Settings

From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
Tap Settings.
Tap the Connections tab.
Under Network connections, tap More networks.
Tap Mobile networks.
Tap Access Point Names.
To reset your APN, tap the Menu key and then tap Reset to default.
If available, tap the T-Mobile US LTE APN (the bullet point fills with green).
To verify your APN, tap T-Mobile US LTE with the bullet point filled with green.
Verify and update the following settings for the Data APN:
Name: T-Mobile US LTE
Proxy: <Not set>
Port: <Not set>
Username: <Not set>
Password: <Not set>
Server: <Not set>
MMS proxy: <Not set>
MMS port: <Not set>
MMS protocol: WAP 2.0
MCC: 310
MNC: 260
Authentication type: <Not set>
APN type: <Not set> OR Internet+MMS
APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
APN roaming protocol: IPv4
Enable/disable APN: <greyed out unless there are multiple APN's>
Bearer: Unspecified
Tap the Menu key.
Tap Save.
Tap the desired APN profile you want to use. The bullet point fills with green next to the APN profile.

Data Settings

From any Home screen, touch the Status bar and drag it down.
If necessary, tap Wi-Fi to turn off Wi-Fi. The icon is removed of color.
From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
Tap Settings.
Tap the Connections tab.
Tap More networks.
If necessary, tap Airplane mode to clear the check box. Airplane mode is now turned off.
Tap the Back key.
Tap Data usage.
If necessary, tap Mobile data to select the check box. Your data connection is now turned on.
If you are roaming off the T-Mobile Network, you can tap Data roaming to select the check box if you are roaming internationally, but it is required to receive data when roaming domestically.