How can I set up individual notifications for text messages (SMS) that are sent as emails?


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Dec 8, 2014
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I regularly receive emails from my work in the form of text messages. I have set these email addresses up as contacts in my Gmail contacts that have synched to my phone (S4). I have changed the notification sound for the contact. When I receive a text message from the email address, it uses the default tone and not the tone I specified.

I use the standard Messenger app, and have not installed any other messaging apps. It appears as though text messages sent from an email account do not use the user-defined tones for the contact.

I tried this as myself. I changed my notification sound from the default to a user-defined tone. I sent a text from myself to myself, and the user defined sound worked. However, when I send an email to myself as a text message, it uses the default.

I've searched the forums and have not found a resolution. I welcome any assistance. Thank you!


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Feb 12, 2012
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The address the text is being sent from isn't the sender's address, it's the gateway's address (the server that receives the email and send out a text), so as far as the phone is concerned, all the texts are from the same place. You'd need the gateway to use a different number to send from for each email address it receives.