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How can I stop a text message Pop up window?


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Nov 14, 2012
Text Message Pop up window help

I have a question in regards to the text message pop up window that appears when you are browsing the web, watching Youtube, etc. If someone text me from a prior opened group conversation thread, and I reply to the text via the pop up window by pressing "reply". the reply is going ONLY to the person who sent the text and not to everyone who is in the group conversation. I find this to be weird as the message in the pop up window shows the other people who are in the group conversation, in addition to the sender. I would think that my reply would go to everyone and not to just the person who sent the text. Is this how the application is supposed to work or is this another bug? I looked around to see if there was a setting to adjust this, but I couldn't find anything. Thank you in advance.