How can I switch to loudspeakers during a call (screen black, locked, no signal in the 3.5 mm jack)


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Aug 9, 2021
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I have a Motorola "moto e" phone running Android 10.

Unlike in the case of my old Windows Phone when, during a call, it was enough to plug the 3.5 mm jack with 3 contacts of my external loudspeakers into that phone and the sound switched immediately to the loudspeakers, in the situation of this "moto e" the loudspeakers receive no sound if their jack is plugged during a call.

I guess that, while talking with somebody, when the screen is black and locked, I can activate somehow the screen of the "moto e" and, by setting something, direct the sound to the external wired loudspeakers or better to a Bluetooth wireless speaker.

How can I reactivate the screen and do the above mentioned settings?


1. In most cases, the screen of the phone has to go black and be disabled by the proximity sensor because in 80% of the time I use the phone with its internal speaker.

2. If possible, I would like a list of instructions, I have to follow, as clear as possible. I can not do too many experiments during calls because most of them, 99%, come from people I do not know well and if something happens and the call ends they might believe that I closed the phone on purpose. I also do not have access to other phones.

The pictures below represents with approximation what my "moto e" shows when the phone rings and immediately after I answer the call. (The pictures are taken from the net because I do not know how to take and save the real screenshots as they appear on the phone).


If, during a call I receive, I press the speaker button that can be seen in the picture above, while the 3.5 mm jack of the loudspeakers is connected to the phone, I see how the button changes its state but nothing happens. The sound always comes from the internal speaker no matter of the state of the speaker button, on or off.
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