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How can I sync my Live Calendar events to the Google Calendar app?


AC Question


I am new to Android and recently bought the S7 Edge.

I have downloaded the Google Calendar app to the phone so I can view and manage the calendar events stored in my Live Mail account. When I open the app though, it shows no calendar events.

When I go into Google Calendar settings, all accounts are visible except Live Mail (including Office 365 accounts). I cannot see a way to add another account to the Calendar app either.

How can I view the Live Calendar on the S7 Edge? I really like the Google Calendar app and want to use it, however I need to see my Live Calendar on the app.




Q&A Team
Nov 22, 2014
I don't use the Google Calendar app but it does use the same data repository as the stock S Planner app on the S7. So go to S Planner, tap on More>Manage Calendars>Add Account and select Exchange. Add your account and it should start working fine for both S Planner and Google Calendar.

An alternative is downloading Outlook for Android, which is Microsoft's own app for interacting with Microsoft email and calendar services such as Live.

Nitin Suneja

New member
Jan 13, 2017
Thanks for your response Chanchan05.

I added my Live Mail account information to my S7 using the above instructions. When I then go into the Google Calendar app or the S Planner, it*does not sync the calendar entries from my Live mail calendar.

I had already installed the Outlook app. It works well, however I wanted to use either Google Calendar or S Planner as I like the interface.

Do you have any other recommendations?