How can I use accessibility screen magnification AND handwriting to text on Note 8?


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Apr 28, 2019
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I'm low vision so I turned on the screen magnification oprion (I use the button in the Taskbar). The problem is, when you use that feature, it automatically disables tons of other (seemingly unrelated) features. One of these is the option to have the handwriting option come up when you use your stylus in a text field. Even if I don't have magnification on, just putting that button in the taskbar disables the handwriting! I guess I could turn it off and strictly use the S-pen magnify but I don't really want to pull out my stylus every time I want to make part of my screen bigger.

Here are the two settings that won't play together:
Accessibility> Vision Enhancements> Magnification> Tap button to magnify: On
(this drops a little man next to the "Back" button - when you tap the button, you can magnify the screen)

Advanced Features> S Pen> Direct Pen Input
Trying to turn this on results in the following nessage:
"Direct Pen Input and the following options cannot be on at the same time. The following options will be turned off:
Voice Assistant
Magnifier Window

I don't understand why using the S pen for its intended purpose should disable half my accessibility options but I don't really care. The problem is, without Direct Pen Input, how do I bring up the handwriting pad in a text field?
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