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How can my partner share their Outlook calendar with me?


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Accessing shared Outlook calendar

I wish to view my partner's calendar on my Moto G which he has shared with me. I do not use Outlook myself although I do have a Microsoft account. Viewing and editing the calender on my desktop is not a problem - can this be simply done on my Android phone too?


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Dec 25, 2013
Re: Accessing shared Outlook calendar

Hello. Welcome to Android Central.

I removed my previous reply , because I had recommended trying the Outlook. com app which I have been tinkering with this week. I then could not access it's calendar, maybe it never had one.

It also disappeared off the Play Store listings. Good news is it seems to have been replaced / joined with Microsoft Outlook Preview (!) which has a calendar etc.

I had posted you may need to update any Hotmail account to @ Outlook. com, though @ live works for me.

Not sure if it's a solution for you both, but this is the way it's heading.
I stopped syncing my Samsung via a kies programme to Microsoft Outlook 2003&2007 so I haven't tried to sync those. I like the new apps though.
Also try the Office Mobile, One Note, One Drive, and now there is a Microsoft Account app which alerts your mobile when it's being accessed elsewhere, I think.

Early days for me, but I think I prefer it to Google's apps.