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How can you make the "message" space bigger when using Facebook Messenger on Note 10.1?


AC Question

Hello... Does anyone know how to make the space in which the message you are writing bigger than the eye-watering one centimetre ribbon that I have now? In Facebook Messenger the threads take up nearly half the screen, the keyboard the other half and there is a tiny space where the text appears. It makes it practically impossible to edit the message, especially if like me you have big sausage fingers.

Any thoughts about how to make the other areas smaller and the writing space bigger?


B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Re: How can you make the "message" space bigger when using Facebook Messenger on Note 10.1?

Welcome to Android Central, and sorry for the wait! I doubt there is a way, because the Facebook app is not specifically designed for tablets--like may Android apps, it's designed to be scaleable to the screen size of the device, but it won't have actual tablet features. There would have to be a separate Facebook for Tablets app (which doesn't exist).

Dancing Loki

New member
Jan 25, 2017
Re: How can you make the "message" space bigger when using Facebook Messenger on Note 10.1?

actually it would be extremely easy. just allow the user to change the area of the previous messages whic shares the area of the new message. But Facebook does not care about people and I really hope another application comes along that does care and takes away all of their Market.

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