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How come my phone can't detect one of the routers signals?


New member
Jul 15, 2017
I'm using Frontier, and our router has two wifi signals. One is the regular one, which is heavily-used and I'm having a lot of issues with. The second is a 5G connection, on a different channel than the regular wifi. I'm having an issue with connecting with the regular one, so I'm on the 5G on my laptop. It's working perfectly. However, my BLU Vivo XL2 (Android 6.0) will not detect the 5G network. Is there any way I can manage to connect it to my phone somehow? I've tried inputting the network onto the phone myself but it still wouldn't connect to it. I've restarted my phone quite a few times and I've tried to look it up online, but I've come up with nothing. If you need more details ask please, I'm a bit unsure of stuff like this.