How comes Samsung is selling the Galaxy Watch 4 LTE in the UK?

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Given that the Galaxy Watch 4 LTE is more expensive than the Bluetooth version how comes that Samsung is selling this without informing customers that the only network provider that supports it is EE and they require that in addition to the contract for the watch you have a phone contract with them and also have a Samsung phone! It's a wonderful business plan for Samsung but not great for the customers.
By the by I'm happy with my Watch 4 but disgusted that Samsung charge extra for something many people will not be able to use.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! I moved this to the Galaxy Watch4 forum for more specific traffic.

I would say this is an issue of "buyer beware" -- the consumer should always make a reasonable effort to educate themselves before a purchase. For any mobile device that connects to a cellular network, one should always check if it will support their carrier, because support is often not universal.

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Jul 14, 2011
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Samsung DOES disclose which bands and carriers the watch will work with on each region. It also states that, depending on the region/carrier, additional service fees and restrictions (i.e. needing a Samsung phone to be activated) may apply, and that's up to the carrier, not Samsung (since, for instance, the watch CAN be activated on a carrier with a non-Samsung device on US carriers). They do specify, however, that Google Mobile Services support is required for activation, which leaves, for the time being, iPhones out of the equation for mobile activation.

Not a scheme, just users not reading the fine print when buying.

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