How did all my pics from my phone get on fb? How can I get them off and stop this from happening????

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I have NEVER put any photos on my fb page.I am new to fb (about 7 months) and only had a profile pic on there). I recently added my high school onto my profile. It seems shortly after that, some pictures from my google photos showed up on my page. A coworker told me it looked like ALL my photos are on there! How did that happen???? I didnt do anything to "sync" them or to even put them on there! Im very upset! How can i remove all the pics and stop this from happening? I've searched for information on the site and cannot find info about putting on/ removing photos? I feel like my privacy had been invaded!! (Ive heard you are in trouble about privacy!)


Jul 14, 2011
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Does anyone else have access to your phone or any chance of accidentally having shared an album to the app? The FB app doesn't do picture sync of any kind and will not upload media unless prompted to.