How do I bump up the auto brightness of my screen without un-checking the auto brightness box?


Nov 28, 2012
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Note 4, varying carriers, mine's verizon. Screen auto Brightness question

I watched several different reviews, and stuff before the Verizon availability, of course my favorite was Leo Laporte's TWIT>before you buy, showing off the unlocked, no carrier Note 4. I mistakenly assumed they (samsung, vzw) not cripple so many settings in the phone that are there by default? My #1 is the in-ability to "bump" the auto brightness setting, which Leo demonstrated. without unchecking the auto brightness, you could bump up brighness and the check mark stayed... When I attempt anything remotely similar, it unchecks the auto, and of course re-checking it makes it too freaking dim to use.

SO I was wondering everyone else (no locked Note 4's) with this type of issue?

My number 2 is that the old droids, I could tell them when plugged into power, screen stay on longer, when not plugged in to power, it would default back to your setting. Is there a tool I can make this adjustment, without root?

I ask because I haven't fully read up on rooting phones lately (last couple of years at least) and how it could affect warranty. Plus last I thought I read, no root for VZW Note 4 exists yet?

Please excuse my lack of knowledge, I take time I can, to search browse forums, and haven't located similar thread yet. if I duplicated, sorry.

I also would like to ask, more of those who seem to know, sounds like Lollipop could be a while off for the NOTE 4, especially VZW I guess, is that what most of you think? I want the multi user part of Lollipop, but I haven't read if it matches what I think it means.

Thanks anyone and everyone in advance...


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Sep 14, 2010
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Re: Note 4, varying carriers, mine's verizon. Screen auto Brightness question

There is a thread which I will try to find in a moment about a couple apps that people use for the first item you mentioned, although they don't do the exact same thing. I haven't tried those apps so I will just post the thread here when I find it and you can check it out for yourself.

2nd, you can set the screen to stay on always while charging in developer options, which you can enable by clicking on the build number (under the device settings) 5-7 times.

No, you can not root a Verizon Note 4 at this time.

Lollipop may come in December for non-carrier Note 4 models. Will likely be longer for carriers, but we're only guessing.

Edit: here is the thread I mentioned:


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Nov 25, 2011
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Re: Note 4, varying carriers, mine's verizon. Screen auto Brightness question

Also, don't buy into the Verizon takes forever to update BS. Yes, sometimes they do, but the Droid last year got 4.4.2 before every phone but the Nexus phones. The S4 has received a few updates on Verizon models.

I'm actually going to try turning off auto brightness. While looking at fixes for you, I remembered auto brightness used to hurt battery life, not sure if that is still true, but I'm going to try it.

If you just want some stuff hidden, you can also just try privacy mode. Not sure though how you wanna use the multiple users though, but a thought.

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