How do I change the network mode on my LG G3?


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Can't change network mode on LG G3

Hey all,

So I've had a LG G3 through Sprint for quite some time now. When I first got the phone I noticed that I had a problem answering calls. They would either never make it to my phone or my phone would freeze when I answered the call. After some research I found that this was due to problem with the Spark OS where it couldn't do both 4G and phone calls at the same time, or something like that. I fixed the problem by going into my network mode setting and setting it to 3G only. I never had a problem again.

Fast forward to today, my phone for some reason has put gone back into a LTE 4G setting, I don't know why it just did. So I go to change the setting back because I'm going to work and need to be able to answer my phone but for some reason the network mode setting is grayed out. I can't get into it to change anything. Does anyone have a suggestion on why I'd be locked out of the network mode settings?



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Re: Can't change network mode on LG G3

I'm not sure why the setting would be greyed out. However, try rebooting the phone to see if that enables the setting to allow you to switch the network.

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