How do I clean a downloaded application but it's not appearing anywhere?


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How to clean a dowloaded application but not appearing anywhere


I wanted to download an heavy application (0,95 Go). So I clean my Samsung S4 mini from old applications and cache. Finally I get about 1,23 Go available to download the app, so I do it. When the download was finished (I only saw it because the notification bar didn't display the download), the remaining space was about 320 Mo. So I dedided, to clean others files/applications.

When I wanted to launch the downloaded app I couldn't find it anywhere (application manager, downloaded, SD card, deactivated application, explorer,...). Even the googleStore is inviting me to download the app...

I don't know what happen, but I really would like to remouve the downloaded data in order to get back some space.

What should I do ?