How do I copy SMS's/MMS's from a Nokia Lumia 930 to a Samsung Galaxy A3?


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New Android user here and looking forward to it! :)
I am coming over from a Nokia Lumia 930 running Windows Phone 8.1, moving to a Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) running Android Marshmallow. Love my new phone but having a few headaches trying to move content over from the Nokia to the Samsung.

My Contacts took a bit of figuring out, but they're all moved now. I've worked out I can't transfer Whatsapp messages - which is annoying, but oh well.

However, I am having great difficulty trying to copy over my SMS and MMS messages. I tried using Samsung Smart Switch Mobile, and the two phones connect just fine (wirelessly). Unfortunately before I can start transferring anything, the Samsung reports that "The devices have been disconnected" - this comes a few seconds after they connect.

Trying to do this again has the same result. Has anyone else come across this, and is there a workaround of any sort? I can connect up the devices to my Windows computer and do a transfer that way, if that's possible (although not preferred).

Thanks in advance :)

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