How do I copy test messages from an OLD phone (no longer has SIM)?


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May 18, 2015
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Copying txt messages from OLD phone (no longer has SIM)

I need to copy some txt messages from a phone I was using a few years back (HTC Legend). The phone no longer has a SIM in it, but I can access the internet by tethering it to my new phone (Samsung S6).

I have SMS Backup and Restore on it, but i didn't run the app immediately before I changed phones at the time. If I try to run the app now, it crashes halfway through and it wont save a backup file. I thought I might need to refresh the app, but I can't find a way to do that. At the time, the phone used the old marketplace app to get android apps. This no longers works as it has been superceded by google play store, which isn't on the phone. If I do a google search for the google app store, i can't get there because it says my old browser is no longer supported (i used to just use the HTC internet browser app).

So, I have a phone full of messages which i can read but can't transfer anywhere. I have an old sms backup and restore app which keeps crashing. I have an old version of android app store which doesn't work. And an old internet browser which can't access google app play store.

Any suggestions on how i can get the messages, or update my browser, or install google play app store app?

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Mar 9, 2012
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Re: Copying txt messages from OLD phone (no longer has SIM)

Welcome to Android Central! Try installing SMS Backup + to your phone by going to Google Play Store on your desktop. Is that phone on the list of available phones to install to?

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