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How do I create an album on the Gallery on a ZTE mobile phone


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I have done it on a Samsung but do not remember nor manage to find it on hth is one. Be patient pls I am 70 and the Note 4 was stolen. Big sigh.


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Aug 3, 2016
Because most all of these devices are so small, it's hard to correctly add, create and adjust folder & files on these smart phone. One of the best ways I've found is to connect the device to your computer, then enter the device's internal or external drive and simply create a new folder within the gallery or another section of the drives.

Connect the USB power cord to your computer then connect to your device. Always remember this step and in that order.. Once connected make sure your device has been set to the mobile data exchange mode instead of the charging mode or the computer may not recognize the device. Also make sure the device is ON and unlocked.

Once you've located both the internal and external drives, you can right click on one of these drives to create your new folder. Once the folder has been created, you can then transfer data or image to and from that folder when connected to the computer.

Note: Often when one takes an image and it's saved on your device, the image or data may or may not be located within a specific folder. Often this may mean searching both the internal and external drive's DCIM folders. Then click and drag images from there into your newly created folder.